Cable offers a wide range of programs for family viewing. For teachers and parents, Cable in the Classroom - the cable industry's education foundation - is a source for commercial-free, educationally-rich television programs and websites, along with information and tips for using media wisely.

Programs Suitable for the Family

Cable television provides a wide choice of programs, offering something for everyone in your family. However, not all programs are suitable for every audience.

This list includes cable programs created just for children, as well as some programs that may be suitable for anyone in your family. You are the best judge of what is appropriate for your family, and we encourage you to seek additional information on specific shows before deciding whether they’re right for you and your kids.

All programs on this list carry one of the following TV ratings:

In addition to the programs listed in the link below, there are many cable networks that provide families with informative news, weather, and public affairs programming, such as:

Furthermore, you can find a variety of live sporting events and other sports programs on networks such as:

Most news, sports and public affairs programs do not carry a TV rating.

Educational Programs

Cable in the Classroom, cable's education foundation, recognizes that learning takes place not just in classrooms, but also in family rooms, in community centers and on playgrounds. All of us - parents, caregivers and teachers - are educating children. That's why the same educational resources teachers are using at school are also available to families at home.

Here are three quick ways to find safe, informative, enlightening and enjoyable programs on Cable in the Classroom's website:

Additional Resources

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